The Best Real Estate Appraisal Podcasts

Do you listen to podcasts?   Do you have your list of favorites? When I am working, driving or running, I rarely have it quiet.  I like to listen to music or information.   I have become more and more of a fan of different podcasts.  You can find various types of podcasts out there. Topics range from business information, motivational, spiritual, or entertaining.  A few weeks ago, Ann O'Roarke discussed some of her favorite podcasts in the September 20th issue of Appraisal Today   I thought it was a great topic!   I thought I would share some of what I believe are the best real estate appraisal podcasts currently available.

Best Real Estate Appraisal Podcasts:

Voice of Appraisal Podcast

The Voice of Appraisal Podcast is produced by Phil Crawford.  Phil Crawford is a Certified General Appraiser in Ohio and has been producing Voice of Appraisal for almost five years.  This is the first real estate appraisal podcast I ever listened to and also what inspired me to write my blog.  I wrote a little about it here.  Phil's podcast is very informative and entertaining. You will enjoy listening to Phil and Kevin (his production assistant).   Phil discusses many relevant topics to appraisers and encourages appraisers in many different ways to expand their business practices. He has truly encouraged appraisers to have a voice and to be more united.   He is the director of the first annual AppraiserFest to be held next month in our wonderful state of Texas in San Antonio!   Appraiserfest is a grassroots national real estate appraiser conference. It's not too late to sign up and get your tickets.  Check out the link for all of the terrific speakers and topics that are planned and sign up today!!

The Appraiser Coach - Dustin Harris
The Appraiser Coach Podcast

Dustin Harris is an appraiser in Idaho. His mission is to help appraisers become more efficient and profitable in their businesses.   He focuses on different tools and tips for appraisers.  He has his All-Star Team and Mastermind groups which aim to assist appraisers in growing their businesses.  He interviews several different people within the appraiser profession.  My favorite interviews are the "Appraiser Stories" where different appraisers from around the nation share some of their stories from appraising.
This podcast is a recent find for me.  I have been only listening for a little over a month and have gone back and listened to some past.  Blaine is from Michigan and owns an appraisal business as well as a martial arts business.  He shares some of the principles from his martial arts background and applies it to the appraisal business.  He is very straightforward and really focuses on the opportunities that appraisers have countering much of the negative doom and gloom that is out there.   If you haven't listened to The Real Value Podcast then I really encourage you to give it a try.  There is much wisdom in what he shares. 

Looking Ahead:

Podcasts about real estate appraisal is still a pretty open space.  I am excited to know that Mark Skapinetz who is the Promotions Director for Appraiserfest mentioned above is entering the podcast space.  He also runs and manages the largest appraiser facebook group that is exclusively for real estate appraisers - 100% Appraisers.  He has announced that he will be launching a podcast as an extension of the 100% Appraisers group.  The podcast will be found here and looks to launch in a few months.

I do not anticipate that the DW Slater Company will be launching a podcast.  I'm not sure anyone would be able to understand my strong East Texas accent!  I do appreciate these appraisers that have stepped into this space and provide relevant content for appraisers or consumers of appraisal services.  I believe that we all have different talents and knowledge that we can share.  I love hearing from other appraisers and I have learned so much from many appraisers in the many different areas that provide content.  My colleague, Rachel Massey from Michigan just penned a great piece on how appraisers can really work together and help each other.  Read her article Get by with a little help from our friends and subscribe to her blog.  She provides great content and is a terrific writer. There are a lot of fantastic blogs out there.  Check out these: Best Appraisal Blog Posts of 2017

So the next time you are driving to a property, or running errands or typing a report, listen to one of these podcasts.  We can all learn and grow in our ever-changing real estate appraisal profession.  Also, let me know some of your favorite podcasts?  Did I miss a great appraisal podcast?   Post it in the comments!

Happy listening!


  1. I love podcasts and appreciate all of these. Looking forward to see what Mark does too.

    1. Thanks, Ryan. Same here. Podcasts are a great platform to share content.

  2. How about a cycling/appraisal podcast? There might be 5 of us who would listen...

    Good post.

    1. Now that's an idea for the audience of 5. Hmm, I guess I could look for the connections. Real Estate cycles-the uphill, the downhill and the flat rides. Don't forget your helmet, as you might have to be prepared for a crash.

  3. I listen to all of these and find that they offer a lot of value.

    1. Thanks, Tom! The content they provide is definitely valuable to the appraiser profession.


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