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An Appraiser's Holiday Wish List

It's a busy time of year. In our large family of 7 kids each year they fill out Christmas Wish lists. It gives us some gift ideas. Of course, not everything on their lists is granted but it is fun to see what they wish for.  The lists have always been in a notebook but this year I put them on Google Docs. It was great. While looking at their lists, I  began to think what would I put on a  wish list as an appraiser. Here are a few things I would wish for:

1. Appraiser Independence - Dodd-Frank did give appraiser's independence and helped separate the direct pressure placed on appraisers to make values. The appraiser has to be an unbiased independent party in a transaction.  Currently, there is some discussion that Dodd-Frank will be eliminated and there is much to be changed. My wish is to keep appraiser independence.  We do not need to go back to where appraisers are pushed to make value.

2. Customary Fees-  Within this past year, much needed fee increases did occur in many mar…