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How School Districts Impact Real Estate Values

It is "Back to School" time and if your newsfeed has been like ours it has been full of  cute "Back to School" pictures.  In light of school starting back, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at how school districts impact housing values in real estate.

"Location, Location, Location"- it is what you always hear in real estate.  This is because real estate is fixed and immovable.  The school district in which your property is located has an impact on its value. Ask any real estate agent and they will tell you how important the school district is when they are selling or looking for properties for buyers. One of the first questions asked will be about the school district in which the property located.

To illustrate the impact of school districts on real estate values, we took a look at the unique development of Providence Village in Denton County in two separate school districts.  Providence Village began as a Master Planned Development that de…

Argyle Market Analysis

We have analyzed the market for properties located in Argyle,TX.  We looked at four different areas in each market:  Median Sale Price, Number of Sales, Number of Foreclosures, and Months of Inventory.  

The city of Argyle is a small community located approximately 30 miles northeast of Fort Worth and 40 miles northwest of Dallas.  The town of Argyle is centrally located in Denton County and is just 7 miles south of Denton, the county seat of Denton.  The area has rich sandy soil which is desirable for horse ranches.  The city has a population of 3,561 per 2013 Censusdata which is an increase from this sign. 

The median sale price of sales within Argyle has shown steady increases since 2009.   The median sale price peaked in 2007 at $349,000 and in 2014 the median sale price was back at the same level and has increased so far in 2015.