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Happy Thanksgiving!

We wish you a Blessed Thanksgiving!

DW Slater Company
We are thankful this year for the connections we have made with you! Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter or our blog and for your input as we began our blog and newsletter a little over a year ago.  We wish you all a special time with your family and friends this Thanksgiving!

This  Blog Post is from last year but it still rings true today!   Enjoy!  Five Thankful Thoughts at Thanksgiving 

Guest Blog - 5 Things that May Lower Your Home Value

I was honored to write a guest blog post for  I was asked to write about surprising things that lowered home values and immediately what came to mind were examples of over-improvements homeowners had made that didn't add the value they had expected.  The key is knowing your market and not expecting the cost of a home improvement to be equal to the value added to your home.  My guest post consisted of five things that may not add value or even lower the value of your home. 
The five different examples I gave were:

1. Swimming Pools
2. Additional Square Footage
3. Garage Conversion
4. Themed Rooms
5. Extensive Landscaping

To read how these improvements might not add value or even lower the value of your home please read my guest post at:  5 Surprising Things that May Lower Your Home Value  The takeaway is don't expect the cost of your home improvement to be equal dollar for dollar.  Know your market or consult a real estate professional to know if the home improv…