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Balance- Is it Achievable?

Balance is something we all seek.  As a mother of 7, I often find that balance is something I seek but rarely achieve.  Something may happen in the life of one of my children and they will need some extra attention.  As I give that child a little more attention, then another one will soon feel some sort of neglect and will then be in need of attention.  Thus, it is a constant back and forth seeking balance but rarely achieving it.  The same for my work/family life.  There is a constant need to find a balance. I think the desire for balance is something we all seek.  What about housing markets?  What is a balance as it relates to real estate?

Looking at Local North Texas Markets: 
Looking at North Texas, there is an imbalance of suppy and demand. According to Dr. Jim Gaines,  a research economist with the Real Estate Center of Texas A&M University,  for Texas balanced and stable markets are typically around 6 months of inventory.   When the inventory (number of homes for sale) bec…