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Can an Addition to a Manufactured Home be Included in the Living Area?

We recently had this question asked of us and thought it might be great to address it here as the teacher in me believes that if one person asked a question then there are others that may have the same question.

Appraising manufactured homes are a bit different from traditional stick built homes as there are a few different guidelines and requirements to follow.   A manufactured home is not built on site but in a factory. They are subject to Federal Building code (HUD) rather than the local building code.  They are built on a steel chassis and transported to their destinations.  Homes built after 1976 are considered manufactured homes when stricter federal guidelines HUD codes were enacted.  Homes built prior to that are considered to be mobile homes.  Some will use the terms interchangeably but they are different.  Manufactured homes are of higher standards and quality than mobile homes due to the HUD codes.  Manufactured homes can be an affordable choice for consumers that own thei…