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Thank You Ebby Halliday

I am not a realtor.  I have never met Ebby Halliday but if you live in the Dallas area, you know of Ebby Halliday and her impact on the Real Estate industry and North Texas.  She truly is an icon. Although, I never personally had the privilege of meeting  her, I have friends who are realtors that have met Ebby Halliday.  My husband met her as a valet parking attendant while he was in college 30 yrs ago and all say that she treated everyone well and she had a spark in her eye and she was inspiring.   I am inspired.

This past week when we learned of her passing at the age of 104, we were all saddened.  Her name was the top trending topic on my Twitter and everyone shared their love and kind thoughts of Ebby. She is known as the Dutchess of Dallas or the Queen of Real Estate. As I have read many of the articles about Ebby Halliday, I was inspired.  Here some of the reasons that I say "Thank You" to Ebby Halliday:

Thank you for being an inspiration to women in business.      Ebby …

How to Avoid Over Budgeting in the Custom Home Process

At the DW Slater Company, we perform appraisals for various types of real estate including both residential and commercial properties. One of the types of appraisals we perform are for loans for new construction of custom built homes. This guest post is written by Kyle Foley of Foley Homes and provides great information if you are thinking about building a custom home. In our over 39 years as custom home design-builders, we’ve seen it happen more often than we like, and more frequently than it needs to. The somber truth is that over 50% of custom builds never get off the ground, including those where the client has already purchased their lot, and may even had plans drawn. The number one reason for this vision deferred is that so many people do not, before anything else, prepare a realistic, comprehensive budget. New home construction is never a smooth-sailing venture in the best of circumstances. Along the way you encounter bumps and surprises in the form of changes and unexpect…