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DW Slater Company April Newsletter


Why Do I Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me?

Mary and Tom had purchased their dream home about a month ago.  The new drapes that Mary special ordered had come in and she was standing at the front window working on getting them hung when she noticed something odd.  A car driving down the road started to slow down in front of her house.  She squinted her eyes and noticed that a person had a camera and was snapping photos aimed directly at her! The car then just slowly drove off.  Her heart began racing.  What in the world was going on?  Who was that?  Why were they taking her picture?  Were they taking a picture of her? The house?  Could it have been a private investigator?  Maybe there was something up with the people who owned the house before?  Maybe it was undercover law enforcement?  The FBI? Her anxiety just reached a new level as she raced from the window to call Tom.

No worries, Mary.  You see, Bill and Sue who live a block away, have a home very similar to your home.  In fact, it was built the same year and is the same f…