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4 Things I Love About Being a Real Estate Appraiser

If you had asked me when I was young what did I want to be when I grew up, I would have never said, "I want to be a real estate appraiser"! In fact I didn't even know what a real estate appraiser was.I wanted to be a teacher which is exactly what I became.  My husband was a real estate appraiser and I began to take an interest in what he did.  I guess I was compelled to the profession because as much as I enjoyed teaching I found myself wanting to go with my husband on inspections and help him research data.  After much contemplation I decided to make a big career change and become a real estate appraiser.  It was a little scary to leave the comfort of the steady pay check from the school district and leave the teaching  profession  but I have never regretted it. I have now been appraising for 8 years.  Here are some things that I love about being a real estate appraiser:

1. Interesting-When you are a real estate appraiser you get appraise a variety of properties.  Yes we…

Pilot Point Market Analysis

The city of Pilot Point is a small community located approximately 55 miles north of the Dallas/ Fort Worth area.  The Pilot Point market has water influence of Lake Ray Roberts with Isle de Bois State Park located nearby.  The area has rich sandy soil which is desirable for horse ranches and equine facilities.  There are around 300 horse ranches in the area.  The city has a population of 3,856 per 2010 Census data.  
We have analyzed the market in two different segments.  First we analyzed the market for properties located within the city limits of Pilot Point.  This is a small market with a limited number of sales.  Secondly, we analyzed the Pilot Point ISD which encompasses properties located outside the city limits.
City of Pilot Point: 5 Year Median Sale Price and List Price- Pilot Point
The median sale price for homes located within the city limits of Pilot Point is $112,500 for 2014.  This is up from the previous two years.  Two items of note , the median sale price was higher t…

Home Inspection vs Appraisal Inspection

What is the difference between an appraisal inspection and a home inspection? Often buyers and sellers may mistake one for the other but they are in fact two very separate inspections with separate purposes. Similarities: Performed by Licensed ProfessionalsInvolve a physical examination of the propertyPresent a written report Even though these two seem very similar they are very different in their purpose and function. Home Inspection: Purpose is for buyers and sellers to be well informed about the condition of a home and the operational systems within it.A home inspector will physically inspect the home and report on it. Per American Society of Home Inspectors: