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Appraising Rural Properties

We appraise real estate in urban, suburban and in rural areas. Some of the most interesting and sometimes challenging work we do is appraising rural properties. 

Here are a few items to note when appraising the value of rural properties. 

Make Sure to Have a Full Tank of Gas  -  Some of the rural locations we appraise are very sparsely populated and you can go for many, many miles before you come across a gas station.  Nothing would be worse than to run out of gas and have to wait a very long time for your friend or auto service to bring you gas for your vehicle.  We appraise in North Texas where the land can seem to stretch to eternity in some places.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Bring Your Paper Maps (and maybe even a compass) -    Many of the places that we appraise do not show up accurately in many of th…