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Just Checking In

I just wanted to check in with my subscribers.  I know I have been a bit quiet and haven't been able to get out many blog posts.  It is important to be consistent with blogging.   I wanted to just fill you in on some of the reasons why and assure you that I will be getting some new posts out about real estate appraising soon.  The month of June has always been an incredibly busy month for us as our kids get out of school and summer activities get into full gear.   On top of that, there are two additional things that have taken up my extra time.

1. Commercial Appraisal Work-  I am working towards obtaining my Certified General Real Estate Appraiser's License.  This is not an easy task.  I have been working on several commercial appraisal assignments and taking classes which take time.  You can read more about the different real estate appraiser licenses here.   I am excited about this experience and knowledge I am gaining as an appraiser.

2. Great Cycle Challenge-  The second …