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Are Drones in the Future for Real Estate Appraising?

The National Association of Realtors recently published a blog encouraging real estate appraisers to use drones as a part of the appraisal inspection.  Is this in the future for appraising?  My son is considering starting a drone business so I thought I would ask this question on a few appraiser forums to see the interest for appraisers.   Here are some items of consideration regarding drones and appraising that many appraisers shared:

Reasons why appraisers would not use a drone:

Privacy Issues:  If an appraiser is using a drone in  high-density subdivisions where homes are located very close to one another, the neighbor may take issue with a drone flying in or around their yard.   Many believe that although it is a crime to shoot a drone, there would be those that wouldn't think twice about it if they felt violated or threatened.  Feasibility:  The cost of a drone or drone service would outweigh most of the benefit.  A drone would allow a better visual of perhaps a roof or inter…