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How Real Estate Appraising is Like a Track Meet

So maybe I have been to one too many track meets in the hot Texas summer sun. Perhaps I had to write too many compare and contrast stories in English class ( Mrs. Bass and Mrs Miller would be so proud).  Since we have 7 kids all who have participated in track and field events  and one who is currently a college track athlete at Prairie View A&M University ( Go Panthers!!) and another one who is running college Cross Country at Central Christian College (Go Tigers!!) I have been to a lot of track meets. This past weekend we were at the  TAAF Regional track meet for two days.  While there I began thinking about the comparison between track meets and real estate appraising. Like I said perhaps it's the Texas summer heat but here goes:

* There's More to it Than What is Commonly Thought- Many think of track meets as just people lining up on the track coming out of starting blocks and racing but there's actually a lot more than just running a race in track. There are many dif…

Do I Need to Clean My House Before the Appraiser Comes?

Perhaps there is a contract on your house.  You are in the middle of packing.  Boxes are everywhere and you get a notification that the appraiser is coming to perform an inspection of the home.  Do you panic? Do you need to put everything away so that your home is again "show ready"?

We often get this question. When appraisers come to your home we are looking just at your home and not the contents inside.  We will be looking at the condition or your home.  What is the type of construction for the walls?  What type of flooring?  What type of appliances are in place?  Is there evidence of structural issues?  Is there evidence of water damage? What is the condition of the roof?  What additional features or amenities does your home have? Has the home had updates, which updates and how recent.

That being said, we do suggest that you pick up enough that we can see these things.  We cannot report that the flooring is in good condition if we cannot see the floor.  We do have to ha…
We are thankful for our country and the freedoms we have.  Our appreciation goes out to all who have served and are currently serving our country.   Whether you are spending time with your family and friends at parades, firework shows, outdoor grilling, or putting on your own firework show, please remember that there are those who may have post-traumatic stress disorder and cannot be around the fireworks.  Please sensitive to them.  Stay safe this weekend and join us in celebrating the 239th birthday of our nation!

We are happy to serve your appraisal needs at the DW Slater Company.  If you have any questions about real estate appraisals please let us know.  Your question just may show up in our Blog!

Happy 4th of July!