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Denton and Collin County Markets Year in Review

Low Supply, High Demand, Price Appreciation, and increase in New Construction. As we begin a new year, it is a great time to take and look back at what our markets did in 2016.  We publish monthly newsletters with monthly updates for Denton, Collin, Cooke and Grayson counties. Please click here to go to our website, scroll to the bottom and select "subscribe to our newsletter". You will be able to get a monthly update, links to our blogs and other relevant real estate information. Let's take a look at Denton and Collin counties.  

Market Trends

New Construction

With supply being low, new construction is important to help increase the supply of available homes. When looking at the number of building permits from the Census data, you can see a dramatic decline in new construction in Collin County from 2005.  The numbers are still not at the levels they were in 2005.  There has been a significant increase in SFR building permits in Denton County and they are now at the highe…

Most Read DW Slater Company Appraisal Blog Posts of 2016

Happy New Year!  As we begin a new year, I thought it would be great to look back at 2016 and share the five most popular blog posts of The DW Slater Company Appraisal Blog.  We had an extremely busy year and I wasn't able to write as many posts as I wanted but here are the most read posts of 2016: 

How Accurate is Your Zestimate? 
Zillow's Zestimate continues to cause frustration with realtors and appraisers as consumers assume they are accurate and many times they are not.  In this post, I compared Zillow's Zestimates with actual appraisal values and found them to vary greatly in their accuracy. 

7 Terrific Real Estate Appraiser Blogs to Follow  

This was a fun post as I highlighted some of the best real estate appraiser blogs. If you missed this one make sure you check out these terrific appraiser bloggers. 

What is Regression Analysis and How Do Appraisers Use it?

This post discusses what regression analysis is and how appraisers use it. Unfortunately, since this posting, St…